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Glenorchy Business and Community Highlights

Welcome to Glenorchy, a city located in the Northern suburb of Hobart, Tasmania, that offers the best of both Business and Community activities.

Business in Glenorchy has been booming with various small to large enterprises either providing services or selling goods. The city is home to a wide range of businesses that offer state of the art services, and some of the notable ones include Glengarry Bush Care, Buckby Motors and Electrical Data and Communications.

Glengarry Bush Care is a popular business that provides services in gardening, landscaping and other related services. It has been serving the city for a long time, and hence its name is well known, even beyond the city limits. The business prides itself in providing quality services that meet the specific desires of its clients.

Buckby Motors, on the other hand, is a local car dealer of both new and used vehicles as well as car maintenance services. The business has received outstanding customer reviews due to its excellent customer service delivery, making it a trusted spot for locals and tourists with car needs.

Electrical Data and Communications is another reputable business providing electrical services for both residential and commercial buildings. The company is known for its professionalism, quality, and timely service delivery.

Aside from the business sector, Glenorchy also boasts a vibrant sense of community. The city is home to various community activities that foster happiness, education and social interaction. The local council offers a range of community services that provide essential support to the locals. The Glenorchy Pool and Fitness Centre is an example of a community spot, where parents and children can engage in fitness activities, playground games, and other social gatherings organised by the centre.

The city also offers an exciting cultural life, thanks to the Moonah Arts Centre. This centre hosts a range of live music, visual arts, exhibitions and performances, such as dance and theatre.


Glenorchy offers a perfect blend of Business and Community activities. With a wide range of businesses and vibrant community programs, there is something for everyone. Come and discover Glenorchy, a city in Tasmania that ticks all the boxes.

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